Our School

We are rurally situated, proud of our past, with a clear vision for the future.

We value our long history and unique rural character. Oromahoe School was established more than 130 years ago to serve the local community and was staffed by teachers from the Mission, later becoming a Native and Māori School. It is now a decile 6, full Primary School catering for New Entrant to Year 8 students and attended by children from a very wide catchment area (both urban and rural). Parents make the choice to send their children to a rural school and are very supportive and enjoy being involved in their children's learning.

We are located off State Highway 10, halfway between Puketona and Pakaraka junctions. Kerikeri is the nearest town, 15 minutes away, and Paihia, Kawakawa and Kaikohe are approximately 20 minutes' drive away. The School is set 1km back from the road and nestled amongst established native and oak trees on a large flat area.

Oromahoe School Values


Passion ~ Whatumanawa

Enthusiasm for learning, dedicated, helpful and caring.

Resourceful ~ Rawawhenua

Ability to find and use available resources to achieve goals.

Integrity ~ Tika, Pono

Being honest, responsible, accountable and acting ethically.

Determination ~ Hiringa

Persevering and having the courage to push through challenges.

Excellence ~ Kairangatanga

Aiming high.

Oromahoe School Learner Profile

Oromahoe Learners will:

~ walk confidently in both Māori and Pakeha worlds, feeling connected to the school and the local area

~ be confident in Te Reo me ona tikanga Māori

~ communicate effectively and actively collaborate together

~ know how to make a difference and contribute to society

~ be resilient, empowered learners who love learning, are confident to take risks and are not afraid to make mistakes

~ have integrity, are kind and compassionate to self and others

~ be well balanced, well rounded citizens, who are adaptable and persevere in relationships and learning

~ demonstrate kaitiakitanga (guardianship) toward our environment, others, themselves and property

~ be motivated, innovative and think critically to solve problems

~ demonstrate financial capability, are literate and numerateand strive for personal excellence

~ be ICT literate, technologically capable and skilled in a broad range of curriculum learning areas