Oromahoe School


Years 7 & 8

Discover the difference a safe, modern and family orientated Year 0-8 School can offer your intermediate aged child.

We know our kids

Individuality is encouraged and valued

Students develop leadership attributes

Advantages of a Full Primary School

The programmes we deliver to students in years 7 & 8, are designed to cater to the needs and interests of these students at an important developmental stage in their lives. As young adolescents, we acknowledge the need to have an especially developed, engaging curriculum that fosters both high academic achievement and emotional intelligence in a creative, safe and open environment.

  • We build on the skills, interests and successes that the students have had in the previous years. We know our kids.
  • There are opportunities for students to develop leadership attributes as school seniors. We encourage students to take on roles of responsibility within the school and community and to be positive role models in all that they do.
  • We educate in an environment where students feel safe and where student individuality is encouraged and valued.
  • We promote interactions with other schools and give students opportunities to extend their peer group network.
  • We support our senior students individually, challenge them and expect them to take an active part in their own education.

The William Pike Challenge

Our School has the honour of being the northernmost school in NZ to offer the William Pike Challenge.

This programme creates a safe place for students to get used to stepping outside their comfort zone by engaging them in new, challenging and rewarding experiences. It’s these experiences that help build up a reserve of vital 21st-century skills that will help students overcome challenges that they’ll no doubt encounter. This year-long programme is run in our school and is supported by the William Pike Challenge Hub which provides the structure, resources and support and to tailor the programme to meet our students’ needs. As part of the programme, students participate in 5 Outdoor Activities, 20 hours of Community Service and 20 hours of Passion Projects. Visit the William Pike Challenge website to learn more about the challenge.

Technology classes are held offsite by specialist teachers during Term 1 & 2

Education outside the classroom activities enhance the classroom programme

“My son has successfully transitioned into high School including Y9 Science, science lab work and Maths. Oromahoe School prepared my son well academically for high school. For him, staying at a full primary till the end of year 8 enabled him to have the maturity to manage the complexities of a big high School.”

"The leadership opportunities at Oromahoe School gave our son the chance to experience and develop skills that he may not have if he went to a bigger high school at year 7."

Oromahoe School offers many engaging and unique learning programmes that cater for the needs of all of their intermediate aged students. The William Pike Challenge Programme, that is aimed at the year 7 & 8 cohorts, is one example of a challenging and highly engaging educational experience the school has to offer their students. As a result, my child further developed self-confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills, which extended beyond the classroom walls, out into the wider community. Enriching and authentic learning opportunities resulted in increased real life problem solving skills, as well as the exploration of interests through passion projects. Consequently, this helped my child transition to high school with the confidence to try new things and equipped with a wide range of skills to navigate daily challenges young people face today. I highly recommend the Oromahoe School Intermediate Programme to families who are looking for a school that will not only meet the needs of their child but strive to help your child become the best version of themselves in a caring and inclusive learning community.”