Oromahoe School Curriculum

We use a relevant, learner-centered curriculum based on inquiry.

One of the cultural markers of an inquiry school is that teachers and students used shared language and approaches. The aim of this document is that we have shared expectations, approaches and language. Our curriculum is based on the New Zealand Curriculum document and reflects the vision and values of Oromahoe School.

Approaches to Teaching at Oromahoe School

Deliberate strategies that permeate the teaching and learning environments.

Based on inquiry

Focussed on conceptual understanding

Developed in local and global contexts

Focussed on effective teamwork and collaboration

Differentiated and inclusive to meet the needs of all learners

Informed by formative and summative assessment

Approaches to Learning at Oromahoe School

  • Provides tools to enable learners to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Part of this is "learning how to learn" and developing as an individual an awareness of how they learn

  • Promotes students to become self regulated learners and supports student agency

  • The New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies are integrated within all these skills

Social Skills

  • Developing positive interpersonal relationships and collaboration skills

  • Developing social-emotional intelligence

Thinking Skills

  • Critical thinking skills

  • Creative thinking skills

  • Transfer skills

  • Reflection skills

Self Management Skills

  • Organisation (Managing Self, Time Management, Goal Setting, Mindfulness)

  • States of Mind (Perseverance, Emotional Management, Self Motivation, Resilience)

Research Skills

  • Information-literacy skills

  • Media-literacy skills

  • Ethical use of media/information

Communication Skills

  • Literacy

  • ICT skills

  • Exchanging information skills